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Alysse is a creative human who is driven by curiosity, observation and the pursuit of making meaningful work. Her passion and drive originated with her parents who immigrated from the the Azores, Portugal to Canada where Alysse was born and raised.


From a very young age, Alysse studied acting and performed in musical and dramatic theatre. She attended UBC and studied psychology before graduating from the Film and Television Production program at Humber in Toronto.

As a film student, Alysse wrote and directed several short films one of which was sold to the CBC and aired across the country.

After graduating Alysse moved back to Vancouver and worked as a 1st Assistant Director, PM, Producer for 25 years always with her eye on making the leap into Directing. Alysse has worked on commercials, feature films, MOW’s and over 100 episodes of television for many of the major US studios and networks.

Alysse transitioned into Directing in 2017 when Bravo’s ‘Girlfriends Guide To Divorce’ offered her an episode.

In 2019, she wrote and directed an award winning, dark comedy short titled ‘Tipped’ which aired on Bell Media’s Crave platform. She continues to expand her Directing career while writing and developing several projects.



When not creating, Alysse is an avid hiker who has climbed mountains both figuratively and literally. She’s raised three boys and several snakes, lizards, dogs, birds and cats.

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